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 F/S > A few things laying around.

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PostSubject: F/S > A few things laying around.   Thu 22 Jul 2010, 7:54 am

I don't have pics of these items at the moment. I'll post them tomorrow as I am currently at work.

- 6 Bolt Block With Mounts and W/P -
Block was used for 4K before the car it was in bent some valves. Block is practically brand new, save for the fact that it was boarded out to accomodate .20 pistons. There is absolutely no tapering, the walls will just need a hone. There are no pistons/crank. Come pick it up - $50. If I'm delivering, you're paying $100. ;P

- Stock 91 SMIC -
Got a spare Intercooler laying around that I can't use on my 90' without a few piping modifications, and since mine is fine, I'd rather just not bother with it. It's clean, it's good, and it's cheap. $20.

- Hyundai Valve Cover -
Yup... got one of these too. Has a horribly peeled 'paint job' but the cover itself is uncracked and in good usable condition. $20.

There's a few other things, but I'm too tired to care atm. Take this crap off my hands.
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F/S > A few things laying around.
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